More About Creative Writing

I have always been a story chaser, forever wrangling narratives and poems into existence and pouring them onto a page. I spent four years honing this wrangling craft at Loughborough University achieving a BA in English Literature and a MA with distinction in Creative Writing. I've published a range of poetry, short fiction and food writing and am always creating more (even when I'm trying to cycle home. In fact, especially when I'm trying to cycle home. It is when my hands are completely occupied in the act of steering a bike and keeping me alive that my brain likes to be most creative. Thanks, brain.)  

Now I write fiction, food writing and write and perform spoken word poetry. I also deliver Creative Writing workshops on spoken word and writing food in fiction and non-fiction. I like to have my fingers in as many metaphorical (and literal) pies as possible. 

If you'd like to get in touch about a workshop, a poetry performance or writing in general, drop me an email